How to Make Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Make your own Fire Roasted Tomatoes:

To make really good fire roasted salsa it is good to know how to make your own fire roasted tomatoes.  This recipe could also come in handy for all sorts of other dishes other than just salsa, such as a side dish for a pasta meal, a sauce or a chili.  Doing it yourself will taste a lot better than using canned fire roasted tomatoes and is really quick and easy.


Whole Tomatoes – preferably Roma tomatoes.


1) Cut tomatoes in half and brush with some olive oil.

2) Place the tomatoes over preheated  gas or charcoal grill that is at medium heat.

3) Watch to see the tomatoes get light grill marks and then flip them.  Again you will see little black spots developing on the tomatoes and some of the juices will be dripping on the grill.  When this happens remove the tomatoes.

4) Cool the tomatoes then peel off the skin and dice them.  Try to keep as much of the juice as you can – it comes in handy for your salsas and other dishes.

5) Start making your fire roasted salsa or just eat them on their own – they taste delicious.


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