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This website is dedicated to the promotion of one of our favorite types of tomato salsa – fire roasted.


Salsa is a type of sauce that usually refers to spicy tomato based hot sauce traditionally found in South American and Mexican type cuisine.  There are many different varieties of salsa found throughout Latin American and depending on where in the world you might be your salsa could be very different than your regular Pace brand salsa common in North America.

Mainstream consumer brand salsa, such as Pace and Old El Paso are found throughout the world on most supermarket shelves.  In fact it has been claimed that salsa is worth more in sales in the United States than tomato ketchup.  Consumer salsa typically will be a picante type sauce and use cooked tomatoes and vinegar to increase shelve life.  Many supermarkets usually also offer fresh salsa that has a shorter shelf life but a fresher flavor and a texture that is less homogenous than major brands.

Fire Roasted Salsa uses tomatoes or other vegetables that have been fire roasted to give a unique flavor.  There are many different ways to prepare this type of salsa and on this website we provide a lot of tasty recipes to prepare your own fire roasted salsa.  For example you can use fire roasted tomatoes and vegetables to make fire roasted red salsa, cilantro salsa, green salsa, black bean and corn salsa or any other type of salsa your imagination can dream up!

Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Canned Fire roasted tomatoes can be purchased at most grocery stores and make preparing your own salsa very convenient.  However it is quite easy  to fire roast your own fresh tomatoes at home and we have a few great cooking techniques on this website to make your own fire roasted tomatoes.  One of the best ways is to cook them over a charcoal (or gas) grill for a delicious smokey flavor.

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